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"Sean Patrick Hampton"
Sean human.jpg
Human, later he turns into a Skal
The Docks/Pembroke Hospital/His Asylum
Manages a night asylum for the poor and homeless
Mesmerise Level
Embrace Base EXP

Sean is a NPC in Vampyr. He appears in the quest The Sad Saint of the East End, which was shown in the Developer Game Session. At the beginning of the game he is saved from the attacks of William Bishop by Jonathan E. Reid. Sean is weakened from the assault and then brought to Pembroke Hospital by Dr Edgar Swansea and Jonathan.

  • Recognised Harriet Jones in the Pembroke Hospital, because she used to live by the Docks. He thought she was dead.
  • Describes himself as a man of faith.
  • His shelter is in the former factory of "Dawson and Dawson Manufacturing" - the letters are still on the building.
  • Because Jonathan has not yet fully understood the nature of Vampires, he is curious concerning the cross around Sean's neck. Jonathan wonders why Sean didn't try to repel William with the cross, but William considers this question as strange:
A cross is no magical token...
~ Sean Hampton
  • When Jonathan questions other Citizens, he can find out more about Sean's background. When Jonathan asks Tom Watts about Sean, he'll mention that Sean was abandoned as a baby. Another citizen mentions that Sean was abused at an orphanage by a priest. Both hints are useful in the final confrontation with Sean.
  • If Jonathan has collected enough information about Sean and Skals, he'll receive three options:

[SPARE] - I envy the peace you've found

Jonathan will leave Sean alone as he is. This has consequences for the further events. Although Sean seems to be at peace with himself, he will turn feral at some point and citizens will become his victims.

[TURN] - (You sacrifice 500XP in the process) You will heal through my blood.

Jonathan feeds Sean his Vampire blood so Sean can heal. The potent Vampire blood sustains the Skal's body.

Through this action, the newspaper will release a most positive article about Sean and his Asylum near the Docks of East End called "Portrait of a Sad Saint".

[EMBRACE] - I don't trust you

Jonathan kills Sean with all the consequences for the district losing the pillar of this community.


  • Jonathan can find a Folded Paper written by Sean, where he describes how he saved Dyson Delaney from drowning in the canal, but deeply regrets it.


At Pembroke Hospital[]

... Your life in London?
[] Your presence in William Bishop's den?
[] Why did he abduct you?
[] You are a hero... or a fool!
[] Situation in the East End docks?
[] Who leads the gang now?
[] Has the gang been threatening you?
[] About Tom Watts?
[] Despair?
[] Corruption?
... Personal questions.
[] What do you do for a living?
[] Are you a priest?
[] Why not use your cross against William?
[] Made friends since you arrived?
[] How do you feel?

After back from sewer[]

1[] You protect mortals and Skals?
[] Don't you see the risks?
[] What about the epidemic?
[] But you are a Skal!
! Harriet needs special attention.
[] Who is Old Bridget?
! Harriet is so hateful.
1[] I'd like to trust you. -- Go to Selection
2[] I hardly follow you.
3[] You feed on corpses!
[] Do you own this place?
[] Have you met the Dawsons?
[] Has no one taken any notice?
2[] You have some nerve!
3[] You hide your game well.


1[] Is it all that worries you?
[] Aren't you afraid of what you are?
[] Don't holy symbols repel you?
[] You must drink blood. now!
! You killed Harriet Jones!
[] You say you are innocent?
! I am not convinced! -- Get Key of The Sewers
1[] I'm impressed!
2[] I'm intrigued.
3[] I'm doubtful.
[] Weren't you close to her?
[] Why return here?
[] You're a helpful Skal?
[] Remember William Bishop!
2[] We have both changed a lot.
3[] How dare you!



1 - Sean was abandoned in a catholic orphanage when he was a baby. -- Unlock by chat with Tom Watts

2 - Sean got molested by a priest when he was a child -- Unlock by chat with Ichabod Throgmorton -- EXP +115

Pictures of Sean[]

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