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The Prologue of Vampyr begins with an unknown voice and an arrangement of blood-red still images of Jonathan's arrival in London. The scene ends with Jonathan bitten by the Vampire. The next scene opens in a mass-grave where Jonathan wakes up again. Shocked and exhausted he leaves the ditch. Extremely weakened with impaired senses he spots a life sign and barely hears the overjoyed voice of a woman. Jonathan doesn't recognise his own sister Mary in this very moment when the blood-thirst overwhelms him. Despite being terrified of what he has done, he has no time to care any more for his sister's corpse, when suddenly gunmen appear and shoot at him.

Players now gain control of Jonathan. General speaking, like in most games, the first part of game is a short tutorial about how to play and an introduction to the setting, main character and a story exposition. In the Prologue, players will learn how to walk, run (sprint), look around and how to interact with items. They will also earn basic knowledge about the fight mechanics, such as lock enemy, switch target, dodge, etc. There are some other things players may notice and they should keep an eye on displays lke HP / Stamina and the blood bar. At the end of the Prologue, players also know about aggravated damage.


  • Players have no other choice but to run, and there is only one way, after jumping down a ledge, the players will get their first weapon, a Used Machete.
  • Then players will start their first fight, with a Priwen Gunner, he has around 120HP, and is fairly easy to obliterate.
  • After getting up the stairs, a Priwen Cadet is waiting for Jonathan with HP around 160.
  • In the factory Jonathan runs into another fight with a Priwen Gunner and Priwen Cadet.
  • Based on these 3 fights, players learn about the different types of enemies in the game (ranged and melee), and how they must deal with multiple enemies and mixed teams of enemies.
  • A cut-scene shows about the different damage Jonathan can take (normal and aggravated).
  • Then Jonathan will fight a Priwen who will shoot fire from a distance. Jonathan should use spring charge to get close to the enemy and kill him.
  • Now players reach a hideout where Jonathan can rest. A series of flashbacks appear when he touches the objects in the derelict room.

On the floor lies a corpse of a horribly disfigured woman on which Jonathan can find a Watch. A flash back shows the two Undertakers who stole Jonathan's Watch from his dead body and then threw him into the pit. He reminiscences what he did to Mary and his moment of dying followed by a vision of his field medic days during the war.

  • Before going upstairs, players can find the collectible item "Fire and Sun" in bookshelf just next to the door.
  • Jonathan also can also find Shillings +5 and Bottle of Alcohol.

On the upper floor, Jonathan finds a chair with a dead man who had shot himself with a revolver.

  • Before going to bed, players should search the room, one will find shillings +5 and Bloody Diary, and take Used Revolver automatically.

The scene ends with the desperate Jonathan shooting himself on the bed.

Extra notes[]

  • No experience will be gained by killing enemies in the Prologue.
  • Before Chapter 1: Quarantine really starts, one will need to choose the Skills.

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