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Pembroke Hospital, her Mansion, various locations
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Lady Ashbury (Elizabeth Ashbury, alias Elisabeth Englewood and later Elisabeth Blackwood[1]) is a NPC in Vampyr. She has an adopted daughter named Charlotte Ashbury. Jonathan E. Reid already meets her in the early stages of the game.

  • She is a painter, a passion she shares with Emelyne Reid, Jonathan's mother.
  • Despite being a Vampire, she adopted a now young woman called Charlotte Ashbury.
  • In later events it turns out that Lady Ashbury's father is William Marshal.



First meet in her mansion[]

1[] Stop calling me that!
2[] Call me Jonathan.
... Mary was the murderous vampire.
[] I did not want that.
[] I killed Mary twice.
! My turn to ask questions.
... My Maker must be powerful.
[] He seemed timeless.
[] I felt his power.
3[] Why keep on mocking me?

After sit down[]

... Who are they?
[] How many are they?
[] Will they fight Priwen?
! They have always been a threat!
... Who is Lord Redgrave?
[] Have you met him?
[] How old is he?
! I will heed your advice!
... Priwen and Ascalon will fight?
[] Priwen has a list.
[] Should we fight back?
! You should flee then!
... What is the plan?
[] How can I save London?
[] What will you do?
! I must find answers!
[] Will you go to Pembroke?
! Thank you so much!
[] When will we meet again?
... Will I ever find my Maker?
[] Was it you?
[] No clue at all?
... What is a great hunt?
[] Why start a second one?
[] How did you survive?
... How powerful is his reach?
[] Not all immortals?
[] Any familiar names?
... Why use you?
[] Did they threaten you?
[] Why not ask your help?
... Should I trust them?
[] Why meet them?
[] Should I lie to them?

On Quest Antidote[]

1[] He was a criminal.
2[] He gave no heed to ethics.
3[] He was stupid.
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  1. From the Ancient Tome written by William Marshal.