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Establish a connection between vampire epidemic and Spanish flu. Causes and Effects is a quest in Chapter 3: Family History.


My recent trip to Whitechapel proved to me how desperate the situation is for Londoners, and how they
all must cope with this threat the best way they can. Causes and effects seem irremediably intertwined
Dorothy Crane chose to steal and blackmail to gather enough money to illegally heal the poor. But I also
saw her desperately try to save a dying patient in her rudimentary dispensary. In the end, we both failed
saving the poor man, but I am now convinced the Spanish Flu must be linked to the vampire epidemic, for
my analysis of Razvan't blood revealed the same highly unstable blood I have already observed on
William Bishop. I should report all these events to Doctor Swansea and ask for his medical and vampire


Learn more about the Vampire epidemic

  • Tell Edgar Swansea about Razvan Vasile's blood.
Talk with Dr Edgar Swansea