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I have discovered part of my father's testament. Maybe, if I take time to investigate further, I may finally
find out why he disappeared all those years ago.


Unlock by find Aubrey Reid's First Letter


  • Find the first part of your father's testament
Find Aubrey Reid's First Letter in 1st floor of Reid's Mansion
  • Find the second part of your father's testament
Based on first letter, it would be very easy to guess that the Aubrey Reid's Second Letter was in Temple Garden
The location was little difficult to find, refer to map.

Aubrey Reid's Second Letter location.png

  • Find the third part of your father's testament
As there was only one hospital in this game, so there were no other option, but find Aubrey Reid's Third Letter in the box which locate in a room on 1st floor just beside hideout in Pembroke Hospital.
  • Open your father's safe.
It was located on 1st floor of a room, which is in Southwark, just upstairs of where you find Used Stake
(Is this means the dead skal on 1st floor was your dad? or it was killed by your dad)
Open safe.